Winsome Waveform Wizardry

Howard Johnson 2011
Electrons aren't going to fly off the end of the trace...

In this fast-paced podcast appearance with Chris Gammel on the "Amp Hour," Dr. Johnson touches on many of the finer points of life, including how to hide technical details from your boss, how to get a standard through the IEEE, and dealing with unwelcome co-workers. Chris asks about right-angle bends, connectors, the limits of channel capacity, the Voyager spacecraft, Gigabit Ethernet, and why EMC engineers are usuallly bald. MP3 format. Runtime: 90 minutes.
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Chris Gammell's "Amp Hour"

About the Amp Hour

This off-the-cuff radio show and podcast targets electronics enthusiasts and professionals at all levels. Chris Gammel and Dave Jones mix it up with guests in a highly entertaining format. Each show runs about one hour (the Amp HOUR, get it?). Well worth listening.